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ArtiVC (Artifact Version Control) is a handy command-line tool for data versioning on cloud storage. With only one command, it helps you neatly snapshot your data and switch data between versions. Even better, it seamlessly integrates your existing cloud environment. ArtiVC supports three major cloud providers (AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage) and the remote filesystem using SSH.

Getting Started

Feature Overview

Data Versioning

Version your data like versioning code. ArtiVC supports commit history, commit message, and version tag. You can diff two commits, and pull data from the specific version.

Use your own storage

We are used to putting large files in NFS or S3. To use ArtiVC, you can keep putting your files on the same storage without changes.

No additional server is required

ArtiVC is a CLI tool. No server or gateway is required to install and operate.

Multiple backends support

ArtiVC natively supports local filesystem, remote filesystem (by SSH), AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Blob Storage as backend. And 40+ backends are supported through Rclone integration. Learn more

Painless Configuration

No one like to configure. So we leverage the original configuration as much as possible. Use .ssh/config for ssh access, and use aws configure, gcloud auth application-default login, az login for the cloud platforms.

Efficient storage and transfer

The file structure of the repository is stored and transferred efficiently by design. It prevents storing duplicated content and minimum the number of files to upload when pushing a new version. Learn more