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Google Cloud Storage

Use Google Cloud Storage (GCS) as the repository backend.

Note that Google Cloud Storage is not Google Drive. They are different google product.


Before using the backend, you have to configure the service account credential. There are three method to configure it.

  1. Use application default credentials. It is recommended way to use in your development environment.

    gcloud auth application-default login  

    It will open the browser and start the login process.

  2. Use service account credentials. It is recommended way to use in CI, job, or production environment.

    export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/path/to/service-account-credentials.json

    to get this json file, please see the Passing credential manually document

  3. Use the service account in the GCP resources (e.g. GCE, GKE). It is recommended way if the ArtiVC is run in the GCP environment. Please see default service accounts document

The GCS backend finds credentials by a default procedure defined by Google Cloud


Init a workspace

avc init gs://mybucket/path/to/mydataset

Clone a repository

avc clone gs://mybucket/path/to/mydataset
cd mydataset/

Environment Variables

Name Description Default value
GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS The location of service account keys in JSON