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Q: Why don’t we use object storage directly

Yes. we can use object storage to version the artifact using different prefixes. However, it does not support atomic operation for multi-files upload. That is, we cannot know if there is one file missing when uploading, or if there are any files added to the folder. In ArtiVC, a commit is an atomic operation to advance one version.

Q: Why don’t we use git

Git is not suitable for versioning big files. Whenever we clone a git repository, it will download ALL files from every branch and commit to the local.

There are good solutions like Git LFS or DVC out there to version large files in the git repository. However, we consider that if we require a dependency of some storage like s3 or NFS, why don’t we do the versioning just only on the storage?

Q: Can we do the versioning with multiple datasets or models?

Yes. Just create different repositories with different prefixes in the same s3 bucket or different folders in NFS

Q: What storage does ArtiVC support?

Currently, we can support local, NFS(by local), AWS S3, GCS(Google Cloud Storage) and Azure Blob Storage.

Q: Do we support Windows?

Not yet, we will implement and test it soon.