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Dataset Preparation

Organizing dataset can be a hassle, especially as data is constantly evolving. ArtiVC is the most suitable tool to organize the dataset. There are the following benefits.

  • No need to transfer files with the existing content. Even you rename or copy to different folder. ArtiVC knows they are the same content. It is common to move or keep the same images, videos when the dataset is evolving.
  • Version tagging. If there is a stable version of dataset, we can tag a commit as the human-readable version.

Prepare a dataset

Here are the common steps to prepare a dataset

  1. Create a dataset folder and use subfolders as image labels
  2. Initiate the workspace.
    avc init s3://mybucket/datasets/flowers-classification   
  3. Push your first release
    avc push -m 'first version'
  4. Clean the dataset, and move the wrong-classified data
  5. Push the dataset again
    # See what data will be pushed
    avc status
    # Push
    avc push -m 'my second version' 
  6. If there are new versions is pushed by others, sync the data set with remote
    # Check the difference
    avc pull --dry-run
    # Sync with remote
    avc pull
    # or use the delete mode
    # avc pull --delete --dry-run
    # avc pull --delete
  7. tag the version
    avc push
    avc tag v0.1.0
    and see the change
    avc log

Clone the dataset

Use the dataset in the other machine

avc clone s3://mybucket/datasets/flowers-classification
cd flowers-classification